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Ancient Aliens theory

AlienBrother | September 23, 2019

Ancient Aliens theory” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

Multiple structures show evidence of a catastrophic fire that consumed portions of the temple complex allover the world.

The damage has been attributed to an uprising at the end of the sixth century, just before the population entirely vanished without a trace.

On the Pyramids Structures, many explanations include the possibility that the ancient inhabitants of Teotihuacan were harnessing energy.

Pyramids energy

Pyramids energy

This caused a sudden energy release that resulted in this devastating fire.

The explores of this special structures could find of mica and mercury at the site, help corroborate the theory that the burn marks we see along the avenue of the Dead are from some sort of mechanical explosion.

The Ancient astronauts say yes and they suggest that like the Great Pyramid at Giza and another site throughout the globe. The structures at Teotihuacan may have once served as an electromagnetic power plant.

Researchers proposed that the pyramids constructed around the world are in facts power plants.

This is based on the new knowledge that they, in fact, are designed to tap the resonant power of the Earth and then to distribute it around the world.

Pyramid energy weakens radiation consisting of waves of energy associated with electric and magnetic fields resulting from the acceleration of an electric charge, i.e. gamma rays. One of the aspects of the power of pyramids is that the atmospheric energy in and around a pyramid is contained in a spherical aetheric energy field centered at the 1/3 height level of the pyramid.

This energy field is called a third dimensional energy bubble that has been tested and measured by scientists and it was found that every now and then Pyramids quit responding to recordings and measurements.

Regarding this, a correlation was found that celestial events such as sun spot activity seemed to affect the intensity of the pyramid energy bubble: at certain times of the year the energy bubble would totally block not only the force of gravity but also nuclear and electromagnetic radiation.

The energy within a pyramid makes it a transmitter of universal light energy (also known as Source Energy, Ether and Zero Point Energy). As the inside of the pyramid transmits the inflowing energy it causes a higher dimensional field – a field that is the animating force behind all creation – and has the capacity to automatically transform lower vibrational (negative) energy into higher vibrational (positive) energy.

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