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Andrei Bălănescu, the protagonist behind this project, is a young producer, DJ, and Romanian electronic music enthusiast, who combines various sound designs, themes and styles in order to highlight the natural human condition. This project is his new alias, started with the idea of creating a better perspective on reality.
Andrei Bălănescu o is a Romanian electronic music enthusiast, DJ, and producer, a digital musical genre which remains underground and becomes increasingly heard.
Started learning about music production and sound design since 2008, during which in Romania just sounded styles like dubstep, electronic or drum and bass. Not long after, he felt he was born to entertain people so started learning about gigs and slowly introduced other genres in his sets, underground and mainstream, with electronic elements. In this way, he found that music adapts to the times, technology and inspiration.
Aner Adras is one of the producers who is trying to create electronic sounds and rhythms out of print, which can make you dance ’till the morning and forgot about all the life issues.
This project draws on elements of life and the events that are taking place in the realm of reality to the realm of the unreal, inner self is the core powering state.


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