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Nude Dude

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He started to listen to electronic music by choice but began mixing psychedelic trance by accident in 2007 (yes, nice accidents do happpen ) and the story still goes on. He has been actively sustaining the psychedelic scene by organizing parties and playing to numerous events , Transylvaliens, Solar Seeds, […]

Green Cosmos

Hungary [Hu] close

The Psytrance musical project GREEN COSMOS founded by Hungarian producer Bálint Nándor, debuted in 2006. The passion for music, as well as the intent to create memorable and upbeat music, were the foundations on which it began to grow in early 2006. The melodic and uplifting music quickly connected with […]

DJane Turiya

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Raluca was born in a small village in eastern Romania. As a child she was attracted to sounds and especially organic music and when she grew up, she entered the world of electronic beats. Travelling through this maze, she discovered psychedelic music and festivals and fell in love right away. […]

Aner Adras

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Andrei Bălănescu, the protagonist behind this project, is a young producer, DJ, and Romanian electronic music enthusiast, who combines various sound designs, themes and styles in order to highlight the natural human condition. This project is his new alias, started with the idea of creating a better perspective on reality. […]

Vox Humana

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Vox Humana project was created by Guy Abo. Guy was born in northern Israel in a small town called Tiberias. Since ever the music was part of his life, he played in the Brass section of his home town orchestra as a Trombonist. Guy plays the guitar since he was […]


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With a history dating back 1998, Lygos is one of the pioneering acts of Romanian electronic music and psytrance scene. His musical journey started with an eclectic choice of Trance, Techno and Electro and then evolved over time in the direction of Goa and Psytrance. Starting with 2003 Lygos has [...]

Silver Sully

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Silver Sully is a full-on psytrance project that was born in London in 2016, based on over 8 years of experience, the main goal is to constantly push boundaries of musical experimentalism by blending a whole spectrum of sounds that form a arrative – this can be edgy, jocular, up-lifting, [...]


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He was born in 1980, Budapest. Started his education in a primary school of musicology. He has been determined by electronic music since his childhood, thanks to his brothers. He still feels grateful to these days because of this. He met Goa music at the age of 17-18, by experiencing [...]


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I've been attending psychedelic festivals and parties since 2007 and in all this time I got the chance to feel the vibe of the psychedelic trance-floor under my feet in many countries, locations, tribes, and crews. I travelled to Hungary, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Serbia, Israel, Poland and got connected [...]

Out of space t-shirts

Digital art, vector art, traditional drawings
Psychedelic, Trippy, Space art, scifi/ science fiction

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    Reasonandu – Live at Tuzla @ Dakini Festival 2019

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