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Great news is coming from Romania about new Psytrance music releases

| September 11, 2019
New psytrance releases is coming from romania

The great news is coming from Romania about new Psytrance music releases. Alien Agency presents you the last upcoming news and details about what our psytrance artists from Romania are preparing to launch or is recently released.

New psychedelic chillout track, was released by our excellent artist Ancient Core.

The new psychedelic releases from Ancient Core fits in psychedelic chillout serene music for meditation, relaxation. The name of the new chillout release is “Ambassadroids”, in this new psychedelic chillout Ambiental release you will find smooth sounds with the atmospheric ambiance that will make your brain enter in a relaxing mood.

The concept of making the new psychedelic chillout release happened into a wood cabin into a secret forest location in Romania country selected by Alex and Mihai. 

The track story is pointing to some old times when before people exists another species of intelligent life. On this filed is about ancient aliens, when they came for the first time on the earth surface and become ambassadors. Evolution and passing time, tells them finally they are just some droids so from this moment they became ambassadroids.

Ancient Corethe Ambassadroids, ca be purchased from

Another great news is coming about the psychedelic chillout project Ancient Core. Alex, Mihai, and Eliana are preparing for a new coming EP which contain a 3 or 4 remixed tracks released on Melusine-records. Also, a new album is going to happen under the name of Ancient Core, it’s about the second album that will be released from our alien masters.

On the same side of Ambiental Drones area and Chillout moods vibes with downtempo music, we have some fresh news about our alien master E-Mantra.

Our Goa and chillout master is preparing to release soon a new type of EP with a new sound chemistry going smooth and deep with psychedelic chillout ambiance mixed with a nice techno feeling. That will be very interesting for anybody who knows the very talented artist from Romania Emanuel Carpus aka E-Mantra.

In the same story of a chilling area with ambient sounds and vibes, our little brother X.O.A will release his second track. The track will be called Astrofizics and the new name of the project will be “The Alien Brother“. The release will be going into downtempo progressive and Ambiental pads with soft voices. For the first time, the project will be launched on on the X.O.A profile more details will come soon and release until the end of this year.

Moving from downtempo music into the progressive psychedelic trance, a new project is coming on the psychedelic progressive field. A new project of  Psytrance with progressive influence is going to happen in this last section of the year. The name of the new Psytrance project is “Micurinis” and it’s made by the same great artist from A.U.M project, the psytrance hi-tech music producer Vlad, from Brasov Romania. The News or updates for this psytrance project called “Micurinis” will be posted on the blog.

From the same talented artist, with the hi-tech project called A.U.M, you will get another brain freeze from the new release with the name: “The Mysterious Stranger“. This last release is running on 196 bpm with some aesthetically beautiful dark mood feeling on hi-tech psychedelic trance style.

On the same field at hyper-fast music with trippy dark and forest sounds, our multi-level alien brother Dopamine has released some dope tracks. If you have made a journey this year to Ozora Festival maybe you have noticed on the main stage the following tracks:

Dopamine – Tetra hydro / Dopamine – Full Circle / Dopamine – Mal’Damba . The tracks from our artist were played by Back to Mars on the Ozora Festival at the main stage in 2019, the same alien sounds were found on the Free Earth Festival 2019.

The last release from our psychedelic psytrance artist Dopamine was released today and the name of the track is Ikigai. The track was launched on the tryptamine wizardry EP by visionary shamanics

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