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Dakini Festival

/ June 27, 2019 6:45 am

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Date: June 27, 2019
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The event

We create a memorable event on the Black Sea Coast that brings together people who actively pursue a life of spiritual elevation through music, dance and yoga.

Dakini inspire active people from Europe and around the world connect in an environment that celebrates life, nature, freedom, tolerance and creativity, and elevate through better understanding of the world, the self, the nature and the relation between them. We are a catalyst that inspires communities, that creates future trends.

Located on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, Dakini is a year after year destination where everybody feels free and open to share quality mind-expanding experiences that contribute to peace within and in the world.

Dakini festival creates the ambient to fully enjoy the world we live in, in all its forms, with cultural and traditional varieties. How? Participants from different countries, guests from other cultures and traditions, the exposure of the new ideas and perspectives – including the impact we have on nature and the sentient beings with which we share this planet – will enrich us spiritually and make us to understand how we can do better and fairer for our entire world

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