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Mumush Festival

/ August 18, 2022 5:52 am

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Date: August 18, 2022
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The event

You can participate in any and all activities during the festival, but some of them, due to their nature, have a limited capacity, so if you want to get involved you will have to register beforehand at the location of the activity, during the festival. Check out the description of the activities, you can find out more about them there.

Arts & crafts

This is the place where you can unleash your creativity & imagination. Your ideas & energy are invited to fill the space with surreal, magical, bizarre, surprising works. It is the perfect space to experiment where you are challenged to rethink the use of objects & knowledge, to raise consciousness and colors. This is where DIY art is made that honors tradition by innovation, recycling & sustainability.

Children’s Area

If you don’t have kids, bring your inner child ☀️
The Kids’ Space is a haven for all who would like to embrace the mentality of Mumush, which simply goes like this: We will not behave!
It is about observation, expression of our hidden, peculiar ideas, creative approach, open discussions, sharing, caring, and rioting. We will make masks and organize a tribal treasure hunt. We will find our fears and create our protecting Mumush against them. We will tell some stories and paint something grand. We will make comic books depicting our contemporary mythology and improvise a drama jam session out of it in the end. Join us where the wild things hide!


The circus has a place for all ages, beginners & professional circus artists alike. Here you can relax, grow, you can develop your coordination & concentration. You can even learn to make your own juggling balls. You can find new ways to overcome your boundaries and establish connections. If you like to play with fire then this is the place for you!


The Healing area of the Mumush world is a space dedicated for your inner growth. Here you can join yoga practices, guided meditation with healing sounds to calm your inner noise. Our purpose is to help you feel more happy, balanced and safe, so you can enjoy the festival with an open heart.
We hope that these experiences will help to bring you closer to your inner Mumush.

Mumush Festival 2022

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