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ORGANIC – 5 Years Of Music & Culture

/ January 23, 2020 9:41 pm

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Date: January 23, 2020
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The event

Is time to start painting on a clean, smooth page and see it at the peak of colorful, impressive perfection.
It is to compose a beautiful melody and to connect it correctly with the words, but mostly to connect the same culture from all ends and to care for soft and caressing magical energy.

Friends and friends, musicians and earth people, veterans and young people, we are thrilled to invite you to another wonderful adventure, adventure or rather a never-ending love story.

And this time we are excited to celebrate our five years of celebration, 5 years of music-making, connecting, culture, way and values, people and friendships, and countless happy and happy moments we have experienced together.
We are the artists of our lives, we are the ones who create our reality.

We will also be celebrating a birthday to one of our people, who has grown from the foundations that we believe are the best in man, Moti “Happiness” for profit, a man of extensions and endless energy.

The event is super special for us and we make sure that there is a whole world here, we will open two expanses, fill them with rich décor and impressive sound, and of course, the music story will be fully connected from all over the world and connection between you and the sounds in the expanses.

We celebrated four birthdays and we were all excited,
This time, our fifth is really exciting.
Here it is, our story has come to this celebration, two broad, rich content ever since.

Dick Trevor – 2.5 Hours All Time.
(Dickster, The Green Nuns of Revolution, Bumbling Loons, Circuit Breakers & AMD)

Dick Taver is the man behind some of the most legendary projects, he was there from the beginning of the era of the Goa Trance and the psychedelic trance scene in Goa (along with Spice Tribe and Tristan) and can also be said to be the Seer of the Psi and the pioneer of culture whose influences also connected artists such as Simon Posford from where artists developed And many ensembles.

Right in the early ’90s, he teamed up with Neil Cowley’s genius and Matt Coldick’s guitar, creating a musical spark that pushed the entire rising trance forward with one of the most important albums: ‘The Green Nuns – Rock Bitch Mafia released on the legendary Flying Rhino label.

He can count Ricketam ‘GMS’, Junya ‘Eskimo’ and Leon ‘Avalon’ among his former students.
He has many projects alongside various collaborations, including with Ajja and Burn in Noise and he has also co-edited with Danny Howells who has made him cross genres to reach the top of the global parades and leave a mark as an ingenious producer who knows how to simply produce great music.

Since then, he has had hundreds of label releases and quantities that cannot be recorded here, so we will send you to his discography.

For this event it comes to a particularly festive edition, two and a half hours of hypnotism, ingenious construction that sets and switches between the entire musical life of one of the most influential people today in the genre, such sets rarely happen even at the biggest festivals, a rare set.

Behind this old Goa, trance compositions are Christophe (also known as Absolum) and Frederick (known as Deedrah)

The French composition is considered to be one of the pillars of the world of Goa music, the pioneers of the electronic music revolution with emphasis on the pseudo-trance and the rising culture that came through the beautiful French and British Of the late 80s and early 90s of the last century.
Christoph and Frederick met at a huge rave event and the connection was immediate, in 1994 they set up the vehicle and three months later the first Transuraev ‘Datura’ release saw a small French live by the name of Transpact.

For the next two years, the band released three albums: 1995- ‘Hypnorhythm’, 1996 – Helium ‘and’ Phototropic
The massive use of analog studio equipment such as Tb 303 and Roland synths created a unique sound that placed them at the summit of the rising artists.

Their catchy melodies and bouncy rhythm got people into another dimension and brought them huge success in underground parties around the world, the duo began to perform around the world, and gained tremendous international success with the legendary track ‘Land Of Freedom’.

Around 1997, after the d-Mention party in Paris, the pair decided to split up and they each broke up independently.

Frederick set off on his own and set up his own label, Questionmark RDs, and released his first solo album ‘Self Oscillation’ under the Deedrah project which was a landmark for his exiting sound that he characterized and produced, followed by the label Frederick focused on individual collaborations, performances and releases, some under the name ‘ Krome Angels with Dino and Shanti.

Since then, they regularly appear around the world and in 2009 released another album ‘Frontfire’ which is already considered a fine trance classic! These days between performance and performance, they take the time and work hard on a sixth studio album in a number that the entire culture of the rising trance awaits its release.

Astral Projection
Astral Projects are synonymous with Goa Trance.
The pioneers of psychedelic music, champions of melodies and the very source of inspiration for many creators and DJs.

What’s not to say about this talented duo that even after 28 years since the release of their first single ‘Monster Mania’ they are still kicking off and are about to release a new album very soon.
My father and Lior started working as early as the late 1980s when my father was already a well-known musician and techno DJ.

In 1991, my father and Lior spread their wings to New York City and set up an American label called X-rave where they released a second single in 1992 this season for ‘Jbie’.

In 1993, my father returned to Israel a year before collaborating with two other legends named Yaniv Habib and Guy Sabag and they released another single called ‘Another World’.

At the end of the year, Lior returned to Israel and he and my father signed a label called Funocol where they worked on their first album “Trust In Trance Vol.1”

1995 was an important year in the timeline of this lineup, they changed their name to seller Astral Projection, started playing across Europe and worked on the second album. They can be said to have pioneered the performance of Israeli trance artists in the sand, including professional artists from the country, the album ‘Astral Files’ they released under the reputed Transit Records label Dado which was part of the successful trance wave and Deedrah, alongside new pieces were also Four remixes for the old hits, Abby and Lior were studio patients and almost simultaneously with the release of this album came out a disc called The mix in which Abby mixed different mixes for the best tracks of the band.

The discography train does not stop and already in the legendary and so beloved 1997 Dancing galaxy saw the light, during the work on the album kindly repented and Lior and my father remained members of the band to this day. One can say with a full mouth that my father and Lior are among the most prolific creators we have in the Israeli trance, who are studio animals who work nonstop with a great passion for music.

Over the years, other albums such as Another World, UnMixed and ‘Amen’ were released under the home label of the Astral Trust in Trance. In their resume there are tracks that are broadly anthems such as Ppl Can Fly, Mahadeva, Power-Gen and the list go on, in 2004 a last full album was released of the duo, ‘Ten’ which features 10 different remixes by various artists for the best parts of Astral Projection.

The Astrals also went beyond the boundaries of the studio and the Goa and performed various collaborations such as connecting with Zahava Ben in Trak Mahamudra, performing the Song of the Garden with The Rapture Church in a remake of Channel 24, and even forming the closing section of Rita’s show, One.

Below, we saw two other IPs, in 2010’s Open Society and 2012’s ‘One’ under Tip Records.
December 2014 was the last release of the lineup, Album # 9 – Goa Classics Remixed, a track collection of other artists Abby and Lior remixed.

We will soon be hearing a new album by Astral Projection that has been on fire for a long time and is waiting to ripen, they are of course in crazy boxing and appear all over the world and in the country non-stop.


David Abramov, who works under the Darwish project name, just like the project, the person – a man with a simple smile and love, one of the people. Some who refer to him as the “Desert King” have some that connotations an Israeli trance and the name Darwish simply go hand in hand for them.

The combination of ethnicity, tribal music, and the aroma of the wilderness brings his sets to spiritual transcendence and entry into a trance state.

Darvish played in every possible stage in Israel and of course, the wave of immense sympathy did not pass over the world, and he also reached the trance scene abroad and presented us with respect for the past decade at dozens of famous festivals around the world.

For the past 12 years, David has been producing original music with his own clear line, as well as collaborating with various artists and creating a unique style of music that combines trance songs with ethnic music, tribal vibe and kicking power with music combined with vocal and percussion.

It reaches us at a boiling point of the event and is about to ignite an energetic fire in the plaza.

ORGANIC - 5 Years Of Music & Culture

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    Reasonandu – Live at Tuzla @ Dakini Festival 2019

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    Psylev @ Digital Forest Festival 2019

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    Kaminanda vs Saranankara – Psychill & Chillgressive Session

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    Best Chill out Ambient Drone

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    E – Mantra Goa Trance

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    Xoa @ sunshine festival

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    XOA Universe Vibes

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    Psylev @ Spring Gathering 2018

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