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Message for Hummans: Care, love and Meditation !

| March 25, 2020
Love care and meditate

Care, love and pray.

Have to little time for being a family member for every living creature

They focus on something they see to others to be important

Still don’t know that every individual moment is enchanted if is made with a group of people you enjoy spending time with

Because everything worth doing for this life can have more rewards than money, friends or titles.

It can make you become a human than transcended the animal brain, and most of the time to all, it is acting from heart, that is the result of understanding that life is about 3/5 or 10 things, like posture, breathing, and passion.

Or mastering a few skills through your natural enthusiasm of doing that or this.

Leading your fingers, legs or full body to master a skill, even if it will not feed you this life, but still giving you the pleasure that transcends the life situations, and bring you into what?

Into living the action your doing, giving you pleasant moments of aliveness that is called active meditation, making you feel less to none effort and helping you to overcome anything, even miss understanding or ”cowardly bossing” of the crowds to create momentum for evil to exist, to fill the ego, to get farther from the base fear, that is still there, but less active because you can laugh about anyone that didn’t reach your level.

The lowest level, creating bad weather, just because you sell umbrella or creating unworthiness that can be dressed up with expensive clothes, or doing compassionate action just because it is a must for you to feel more important

One of the activities that made me find peace and love is writing, and this is my baby steps for uncovering the picture or creating the image of what is hard to understand about what love is about. *love*.

Love like there is no tomorrow, but caring like life has no end because it has no end.

What it has no end?

The *universal*, it’s variety and creativity and *the old Man in the sky* will challenge you to live with understanding, that even if you feel like the worst or the best, everything that matters for your happiness, joy and maybe blissfulness require you being fully aware that you can’t all the time just to ascend.


Because if you ascend you have to first adapt to the intensity of the newly reached level, for achieving knowledge to be prepared for the next elevation, that uses time.

But how it needs time if there is no time?

Time is the way you can find that life is a dance of any imagined moves, that is between you and the universe …

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