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Psytrance Romania Music Scene 2022 Updates

PsychedelicDigital | April 5, 2022
Psytrance Romania Music Scene Update

Psytrance Romania Music Scene come with updates in 2022,  new  chillout – Ambient Project know as  AlienBrothers.

AlienBrothers  will bring you on a deep-space journey with a new
psychedelic Ambient, Downtempo EP release.

The Space Bubbles EP will bring you into a new exploration that helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system.

Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration we expand thoughts, create new ambitions, and help to foster a peaceful connection between mind, body and universe.

The universe is everything. It includes all of space and all the matter and energy that space contains. It even includes time itself and, of course, it includes you.

Earth and the Moon are part of the universe, as are the other planets and their many dozens of moons. Along with asteroids and comets, the planets orbit the Sun.

AlienBrothers Project was possible by joining together 2 Romanians artists known as Emanuel Carpus and Andrei Alexandru.

Enjoy the Deep space exploration EP (also known as Space Bubbles) with a field in astronomy, astronautics, and space technology

(Hubble Telescope & James Web Telescope ) concerned with exploring the furthest reaches of space.

AlienBrothers are excellent reminders that the universe emits light or energy in many different forms.
The Chillout – Ambient EP is available on to listen and buy it, soon will be uploaded also on our yt channel.

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Written by PsychedelicDigital

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