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Beyond good and evil

ATMA —  2006 / 9 Tracks / / Full-on

Beyond Good And Evil

Andrei Oliver Brasovean from Romania was a pioneer of electronic music in the Eastern-Europe region. In the early 90’s he would create Techno and Trance music only to start producing Goa-inspired trance tracks in ‘95-’96. Here he would start the creation of psychedelic fest communities with small parties for the transvestites in his area. He quickly achieved recognition for his splendid music and live performances around his own country and globe.

Atma’s music is in the vein of pleasant FullOn beats with charming melodies, nice samples and party to the groove. His approach on making a nice ride for the listener with sprinkling flow and heighten observation is what makes his debut album, Beyond Good and Evil so enjoyable in the first place. Granted the album may become fast uninteresting as there isn’t much depth and complexity to sought after, but with charm, he definitely manages to make up for his own flaws and boredom.

The best track is easily the title track with its beautiful and longing melodies, and pleasant tempo. I should mention that Fragletrollet/Unknown Cause did an unofficial edit to this track where he actually managed to raise it a couple of points towards the high sky. It was supposed to get released but never happened and today it seems this track is lost beyond rediscovery. Another nice track is the 4th with its hypnotizing and subtle way of entrancing the listener/dancer. It has a good drive and the effects used to tickle the heart. Overall this is a very nice Full-On album with loads of charm and drive. It is unfortunately too boring in the length to keep me occupied with its dimensions because it contains few surprises and is very predictable and imagination-less. But, it is for sure a nice release to have in the collection for times to come and moments to be enjoyed.

Besides his psychedelic trance project, Andrei also works as a music composer and sound engineer for more commercial music bands within House, Dance, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop, and is frequently involved in original film score productions, theater, and orchestral productions. This way he is able to fully use his skills and put food on the table and clothes on his back. There is a reason of why people like Andrei manages to have success, and the reason is that they or he manages to expand his own horizon, never letting his skills go to waste in only focusing on one style, one style of music. We all know that to make a living out of producing Psy-Trance is a very difficult thing, so the smart ones use their talents in varies projects to stay afloat.

The cover art is very beautiful with its the circle of Zodiac signs and lime green variations with cool blue flooring. Kudos.

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