Alien Agency


Freedom EP

ATMA —  2010 / 3 Tracks / BMSS Records

One of the biggest rising talents within the Psychedelic and Trance scenes is finally back! This time with an appetizer for his upcoming album release on BMSS Records. After his first two groundbreaking albums, this piece of art perfectly demonstrates the progress Atma has taken to bring his sonic adventures to perfection and he succeeded once again!

The Freedom EP brings us a new formula of morning “Full On” music, in intelligent design; a melting pot of cutting edge production, classical melodies and refreshing atmospheres certainly setting every dance floor on fire.

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The big Bang

Transylvaliens Family took this form naturally five years ago when the Transylvaliens Festival was launched in the picturesque hillside area in Romania though many of its members had been involved in the underground electronic music scene years before. In the festival and the parties that we organized, many international and local artists were involved, covering musical areas from chillout to hi-tech.