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From That Day

Logical Elements —  2016 / 4 Tracks / Melusine Records / Chillout - Ambiental - Downtempo

“From That Day” it’s the new cosmic journey which is presented by Logical Elements in his new EP.

This is a cosmic box that contains stories about the power of connections on energy and cosmic level between two beings, and which subsequently turn into feelings and experiences.
It’s about the Woman, the amazing cosmic being, about the woman who can resonate with the cosmic mother and who can awaken into a state of Shakty if she discovers her true nature.
It’s about beauty, love and respect to these cosmic beings.

The magic sounds will take you to another level of experience, a warm and mesmerizing experience through psybient and downtempo style.-

I want to thank everyone who supported me and still support me in their own marvellous way. To the beings and the Universe that give me inspiration to create these stories trough sounds.

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The big Bang

Transylvaliens Family took this form naturally five years ago when the Transylvaliens Festival was launched in the picturesque hillside area in Romania though many of its members had been involved in the underground electronic music scene years before. In the festival and the parties that we organized, many international and local artists were involved, covering musical areas from chillout to hi-tech.