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Ancient Core —  2018 / 10 Tracks / Melusine Records / Psychill Downtempo Ambiental

After a decade of production and international performances on the downtempo psychedelic circuit, the electronica project Ancient Core is releasing their debut album on Melusine Records.

“GUIDELINES” is the culmination of ten years of collaborative work exploring and pushing the boundaries of psychill/psydub by two Romanian musicians, Mihai Cadar and Alex Bodochi.

The Transylvanian artists have synthesized their wide-ranging musical and artistic backgrounds with their experiences in the electronica scene over the last 20 years to create an album that is exquisitely beautiful, emotional, funky, and psychedelic.

With ten tracks that range from groovy/dubby/funky to lyrical/mystical/etheric and everything in between, “GUIDELINES” features a variety of harmonic, structural, and rhythmic elements in a meandering, an exploratory journey for the psyche and senses.

The album includes collaborative work with other artists, including seductive songstress Irina Mikhailova, Sufi’s life, Yestegan chaY, Atati and Marcel Adrian Cadar (Mihai’s father).

Ancient Core would like to say:

Gratitude to the women who raised me & cared for me and who are now among the angels; my mother and grandmother (R.I.P.). To my dad, always offering me full support in all that I am passionate about, by this enabling me to finally stand on my own two feet.

To Ursi and my brother who inspired me to become rebellious and not take the beaten path of my parent’s career, but to find my own way. To Ancient Core’s family;

Eli and Mihai for always being there. To the millennial system of yoga, helping me on a daily basis to overcome human pettiness and limitations, through divine & guru support. To all who feel us and tune in to our groove, Love & Gratitude, Alex Bodochi-Ursu

Big thanks to my family, friends, organisers and everybody who supported directly & indirectly, our music project throughout these 10 years since Ancient Core exists.

Special thanks go to Elianna my love and my manager for putting up with me & my needs all these years. To my brother from another mother & music partner Alex.

Big bow and huge gratitude to all the artists involved in our debut album: Irina, Roman, Asaf, Jovan and my dad Marcel, for their awesome collaboration, that I deeply appreciate and cherish. To Lorand Bartha for his amazing logo created for us. To Sati for the beautiful cover that represents perfectly our music.

To Mark Ainley for his precious contribution. Last but not least, hugs and big thanks to Alex (Reasonandu) & Emanuel (E-Mantra) from Melusine Records for their full support and understanding.

Peace & Love! Mihai S. Cadar

released January 15, 2018

Written & Produced by
Mihai S. Cadar & Alexandru Marius Bodochi-Ursu @ Ancient Core’s studio, Cluj-Napoca/Transylvania, Romania

Logo: Lorand Bartha
Cover: Sati
Mastering: Alexandru Marius Bodochi-Ursu

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