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E-Mantra —  2014 / 9 Tracks / SUN TRIP RECORDS / GOA TRANCE

E-Mantra, aka Emmanuel Carpus from Romania, is one of the leading modern goa-trance artists. Two years after his latest uptempo album, he is back with what he does best: very psychedelic acidic goa trance with lots of spiralling melodies! 🙂

Ever since E-Mantra released his (now classic) Arcana-album, he had a lot of fans. Many were hoping, almost praying for more music in the same vein… And now their waiting is finally rewarded! Nemesis is ready to kick ass in the goa-scene!

In this album, E-Mantra is going back to his roots. His music has a darker twist, although the melodies are still blissful and uplifting. A truly unique combination! Also, his sound quality improved dramatically!

The beginning of the album is more groovy and sinister, but after track 3, Fall of Icarus, you’ll find only uplifting full power goa-trance, the E-Mantra way! The track Ayahuasca was already a dancefloor tsunami on many parties and Orphic Hymn will even please the Nitzhogoa fans! To end the album there is a more downtempo track.

Well, for us this album is probably the strongest E-Mantra album to date. So if you dig his style, we are sure you’ll be pleased! Enjoy!


released January 27, 2014
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