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Loss of innocence

[Israel] close

Loss of innocence is psytrance project created by Adi (Aum) Abramov And Or (PsyWolf) abutbul. Born and raised in Haifa – Israel, practice and making music for 10 years, created the project in December 2017. played in both underground and big festivals in Israel(moksha project, unity rising spirit festival), Romania(solar […]

Nude Dude

[RO] close

He started to listen to electronic music by choice but began mixing psychedelic trance by accident in 2007 (yes, nice accidents do happpen ) and the story still goes on. He has been actively sustaining the psychedelic scene by organizing parties and playing to numerous events , Transylvaliens, Solar Seeds, […]

Green Cosmos

Hungary [Hu] close

The Psytrance musical project GREEN COSMOS founded by Hungarian producer Bálint Nándor, debuted in 2006. The passion for music, as well as the intent to create memorable and upbeat music, were the foundations on which it began to grow in early 2006. The melodic and uplifting music quickly connected with […]

The Third Man

Bulgaria [BG] close

The Third Man is a three-way collab between Anton and Ivan Litovchenko (Mloski & Litheo) and Ivan Shopov (COOH, Balkansky). The project successfully unites three very personal approaches to sound with the sole purpose to take you on an introvert spiritual journey. The Third Man might make you look deep […]

DJane Turiya

[ROMANIA] close

Raluca was born in a small village in eastern Romania. As a child she was attracted to sounds and especially organic music and when she grew up, she entered the world of electronic beats. Travelling through this maze, she discovered psychedelic music and festivals and fell in love right away. […]

Aner Adras

[Romania] close

Andrei Bălănescu, the protagonist behind this project, is a young producer, DJ, and Romanian electronic music enthusiast, who combines various sound designs, themes and styles in order to highlight the natural human condition. This project is his new alias, started with the idea of creating a better perspective on reality. […]


[Romania] close

Alin is creating music since 2008, spreading feelings through sound and drawing organic realms in the Psychill Universe. Saranankara is a journey going deep into downtempo, melodic and atmospheric, with various pinches of ethnic influences. Enjoy the trip.


[Romania] close

At the end of 2016 Etal first started producing psytrance music and released the first EP at Melusine Records. Etal started his electronic music journey around 2011 producing and experimenting with different music genres in search of a sound that fits his musical vision. He came in contact with psychedelic […]


[Romania ] close

Reasonandu is Alexandru Dumitrescu who hails from Constanta. Alexandru’s skills and inspiration draw from many styles of music and blend electronic psychedelic trance, ambient, and world music. He was born in Constanta in 1984. At the age of 16, he began composing ambient music, and in 2008 he initiated, together […]

The big Bang

Transylvaliens Family took this form naturally five years ago when the Transylvaliens Festival was launched in the picturesque hillside area in Romania though many of its members had been involved in the underground electronic music scene years before. In the festival and the parties that we organized, many international and local artists were involved, covering musical areas from chillout to hi-tech.