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Atma Live @ Belgrade 28.01.2023. KPTM

ATMA | April 14, 2022
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Atma Live @ Belgrade 28.01.2023. KPTM

Andrei Oliver Brasovean: A Titan of Electronic Music

Hailing from the mystical realm of Transylvania, Romania, Andrei Oliver Brasovean, better known as ATMA, has established himself as a pioneer of electronic music in Eastern Europe. His musical journey commenced in 1991, delving into the pulsating world of techno. Years later, his creative compass steered him towards the captivating realms of trance and psychedelic music, where he truly found his calling.

ATMA’s distinctive style and mesmerizing “full live” performances have catapulted him to global recognition. With over 18 years of electronic music production and a staggering repertoire of live performances spanning the techno and trance scenes, he has firmly cemented his place among the electronic music elite.

Drawing upon his extensive musical background and diverse stylistic explorations, ATMA has crafted a unique brand of trance music that captivates the senses. His creations are characterized by deep, emotive melodies, impeccable harmonies, psychedelic textures, and driving basslines, redefining the boundaries of trance music.

Following the resounding success of his first three solo albums, “Beyond Good & Evil” (Geomagnetic.Tv), “The Secrets Of Meditation” (Y.S.E / Millennium Records), and “Music Revolution” (Bmss Records), ATMA reemerged with his groundbreaking album, “Fall Of The Idols” (Dacru Records).

Beyond his captivating trance projects, ATMA’s versatility extends to composing music for commercial bands across genres, including house, techno, dance, pop, rock, and hip hop. His talents also permeate the realm of film music production, adding depth and emotional resonance to cinematic productions.

ATMA’s global dominance is evident in his extensive performance history, having graced the stages of festivals and parties across the globe. His electrifying performances have ignited dance floors in Dubai (U.A.E), Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, U.K, Israel, France, India, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, USA, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Ukraine.

ATMA’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his ability to seamlessly blend genres have earned him a place among the electronic music luminaries. His music is a testament to his passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic expression.


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