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Fear Of Mind

A.U.M —  2022 / 1 Tracks / AstroFoniK Records / High Tech

Welcome to “Fear Of Mind,” a mind-bending exploration into the depths of consciousness and sonic transcendence, curated by the enigmatic A.U.M. Embark on an exhilarating auditory journey into the realm of high-tech psytrance psychedelia, where the boundaries of sound and mind dissolve.

Through an electrifying fusion of pulsating rhythms and transcendent melodies, “Fear Of Mind” stands as a testament to A.U.M’s mastery in crafting an immersive sonic experience. Each track within this podcast title serves as a portal to a realm where the fabric of reality bends and twists with the hypnotic beats.

A.U.M’s sonic architecture constructs an ethereal landscape where sonic frequencies become pathways to introspection and euphoria. “Fear Of Mind” becomes a sonic tapestry, where the high-tech psytrance elements collide with psychedelic nuances, creating a multi-dimensional experience that sparks the imagination.

As the beats resonate, this sonic journey invites listeners to confront their fears, transcend limitations, and dive deep into the unexplored corners of the mind. A.U.M’s sonic alchemy harnesses the power of music to provoke introspection, urging listeners to embrace the unknown and navigate the labyrinth of consciousness.

Tune in and let “Fear Of Mind” by A.U.M be your guide through an electrifying voyage, where the high-tech psytrance pulse synchronizes with the rhythm of your heartbeat, unlocking a realm where fears dissolve, and the mind ventures fearlessly into uncharted sonic territories.

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