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Mysterious Murmur through the Trees

E-Mantra —  2024 / 1 Tracks / Melusine Records / Ambient / Chillout / Downtempo

Embrace Tranquility with E-Mantra’s “Mysterious Murmur through the Trees”

n the realm of electronic music, few genres possess the ability to transport listeners to a realm of pure euphoria and tranquility quite like psychrance. With its pulsating beats, otherworldly melodies, and vibrant energy, psychrance has captivated audiences worldwide, including Romania, a nation known for its vibrant electronic music scene.

E-Mantra, a Romanian psychrance artist renovated for his enchanting soundscapes, takes us on a journey of serenity with his captivating track “Mysterious Murmur through the Trees.” This ambient masterpiece seamlessly blends the ethereal vibes of psychrance with the sooting sounds of nature, creating a sonic experience that is both uplifting and deeply relaxing.

As the track unfolds, delicate synths weave their way through a disaster of calming chords, reminiscent of the gentle rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds in a sun-dappled forest. The tempo gradually slows, inviting listeners to surrender to the developing tranquility of this sonic masterpiece.

“Mysterious Murmur through the Trees” is a will to E-Mantra’s mastery of ambient, demonstrating his ability to create music that not only ignites the dance floor but also soothes the soul. His delicate touch with nature sounds sets him apart, adding a layer of authenticity and serenity to his compositions.

Whether you’re seeing a vibrant escape from the ordinary or a scooting respite from the stresses of life, “Mysterious Murmur through the Trees” is a must-listen for chillout / downtempo ambient enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Let the enchanting songs of E-Mantra transport you to a realm of pure euphoria and tranquillity, reminiscent of the vibrant  ambient / downtempo /psychedelic / chillout scene in Romania.

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