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Futuristic Poetry

E-Mantra | December 1, 2023
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Welcome, fellow cosmic travelers, to “Futuristic Poetry,” an ethereal symphony of ambiental psychedelic curated by the maestro of sonic exploration, E-Mantra. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating odyssey where pulsating rhythms and celestial melodies converge, guiding you through uncharted dimensions of electronic music.

Dive into the cosmic abyss with State Azure’s enchanting “Shifting Descent,” a sonic narrative that unfolds with each beat, seamlessly transitioning into GMO’s mesmerizing “Destination Blue Hole,” a sonic masterpiece that beckons you into the unknown, clocking in at 11 minutes and 36 seconds of pure auditory bliss.

Feel time unravel with Alfoa’s hypnotic “Timelapse,” enriched by Samer Tinoco’s emotive remix, leading you deeper into the sonic tapestry. Kaan Elitok’s “Dolunay” emerges like a lunar eclipse, casting its spell at the 25-minute mark, paving the way for Dublicator’s mesmerizing “Dynamic Elements,” a sonic mosaic designed to captivate your senses at 31 minutes and 28 seconds.

LÜRUM’s “Apollo” extends an invitation to the cosmic dancefloor, setting the stage for Yeadon’s emotive “Time to Go,” an extended mix that propels you further into the sonic cosmos at the 44-minute mark. Brace yourself for the enigmatic allure of Dycide’s “Pendulum Psychosis,” a sonic pendulum swinging at 50 minutes and 56 seconds, transitioning seamlessly into Neuro Sekt’s hypnotic “Sky Ritual” at the 58-minute mark.

Experience weightlessness with Slam Duck’s ethereal soundscape “Weightless,” followed by the electrifying remix of 8Kays’ “Inside” by Jerome Isma-Ae, expanding your auditory horizons at the 70-minute mark. E-Mantra’s sonic wizardry takes center stage with “Forest Poetry,” an introspective track that unravels the mysteries of consciousness at 76 minutes and 48 seconds.

Finally, delve into Deepbass’s profound “Optics” at the 82-minute mark, a sonic culmination that transcends boundaries and defies expectations, leaving you in awe of the cosmic symphony you’ve experienced.

Published exclusively on, this podcast is a beacon for enthusiasts of ambient music from Romania, offering a kaleidoscope of transcendental beats, cosmic energies, and mind-expanding sounds. Join us on this sonic expedition and elevate your consciousness with “Futuristic Poetry.”


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