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Psynesthesia | In The Park – Bucuresti | 11.11.2023

SHUVA | November 11, 2023
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Prepare to be transported to the heart of the Romanian psytrance scene with this captivating DJ mix by SHUVA, recorded live at the Psynesthesia In The Park event in Bucuresti on November 11, 2023.
This mesmerizing performance showcases the vibrant and innovative spirit that permeates the Romanian psytrance community, where producers and DJs push the boundaries of the genre with their unique blend of hypnotic rhythms and otherworldly soundscapes.
As the pulsating beats and intricate layers of sound unfold, listeners are taken on a transformative journey through the realms of psychedelic trance. SHUVA’s masterful mixing and selection of tracks seamlessly weave together a tapestry of sonic exploration, transporting the audience to a state of heightened consciousness and transcendent bliss.
Alien Agency is proud to feature this captivating DJ set on our platform, where we celebrate the diversity and creativity of the global psytrance scene. Immerse yourself in the energy and passion of the Romanian psytrance movement, as SHUVA’s performance ignites the senses and takes you on a mind-expanding adventure through the Psynesthesia In The Park event. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and forever changed by the power of this mesmerizing DJ mix.

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